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Riverford Organic
With a Riverford Farms Business, you will be more than just a delivery driver, you will be responsible for everything from building your business to running it. It's the perfect Organic Produce Franchise for a husband and wife team!
Franchise Information
  • BFA Membership StatusFull
  • UK Years Established30 years
  • Current UK Coverage90%
  • Franchisee Support Staff7
  • Personal Investment Req.£30,000
  • Total Startup Cost£30,000 approx
  • Territory-based business locationYes
  • Business to consumer servicesYes
  • Franchisee operates individuallyYes
Next Steps

Riverford Farms Business
Organic Produce Franchise

This is a business with a simple approach; Riverford grow (or source), harvest and pack the produce, and transport it to your hub; you collect and deliver it to your customers. Riverford grow the vegetables, you grow your business. 

Riverford is different – it's not just about the money. It is all about people and food - especially their shared passion for growing and eating fresh, seasonal, organic food. 

The Riverford Farms Business is showing sustained year-on-year growth in delivery numbers, is a multi-award winning business and a full member of the BFA. Their franchise owners are brand ambassadors across the country; building relationships with, and delivering to, thousands of loyal customers each week.

The history of Riverford Organic Farms:

Riverford's founder, Guy Watson, set out to sell his ethically grown organic food to as many people as possible after being tired of the way big supermarkets were treating their smaller suppliers,

Riverford Farms Business | Organic Produce FranchiseStarting with just a handful of customers (actually friends he coerced, who then became customers) living close to the family-owned farm in Devon, Guy's home delivery vegbox scheme quickly caught on.

With the rapid success of his novel fledgling business came a challenge: how to expand beyond ‘one man and a wheelbarrow’, maintain a strong ethical focus and not compromise on the quality of the produce. The answer was to offer like-minded people the chance to join the company as franchise owners. 

Now 30 years later the Riverford Farms Business has a dedicated network of 56 franchise owners delivering tasty, seasonal organic produce to around 50,000 homes each week. Riverford is now the UK's leading home delivery vegbox scheme, and grows most of its own produce.

The benefits of an Organic Produce Franchise:

This business is hard work however it is also fun. You will get out of it what you put in. It's not rocket science but you really have to believe in what Riverford do to grow your business and reap the best rewards.

The most successful franchise owners have built their business from scratch to achieve a turnover of over £1million a year. Franchise owners of these bigger businesses tend to take more of a managerial role, but they like to keep their hand with the delivery round by covering for their drivers' holidays. 

Franchise owners in smaller territories tend to work alone or as a couple - ‘owner-drivers' - whilst they get their business off the ground. As the number of deliveries per week increase over time, they take on drivers or admin staff to help.

The life of a Franchise Owner:

As a franchise owner your days will consist of early starts delivering to your customers. They days are quite long but there is plenty of exercise and fresh air. Riverford pride themselves in seeing their deliveries to the door no matter what come rain, snow or shine! This sort of thing distinguishes Riverford from the competition.

Riverford Farms Business | Organic Produce FranchiseOnce the deliveries have been delivered you will need to go back home to your office to complete admin tasks such as:

  • order processing
  • marketing
  • account management 
  • answering customer's queries
  • end of day banking

In the spring and summer, you'll be out at shows and local events at weekends, finding new customers and strengthening relationships with your existing customers. In short, you'll be wearing many different hats to grow your business.

The Riverford Farms Business:

As Riverford has grown so has their product range. Fresh, seasonal organic veg is still their mainstay, but they're constantly sourcing new products from other artisan organic suppliers and have their own Dairy, Butchery and Farm Shops.

Riverford Farms Business | Organic Produce Franchise

Aside from the fruit & veg, they offer an extensive range of:

  • scrumptious organic cheese
  • RSPCA award-winning organic meat
  • pickles, chutneys and cooks' ingredients
  • quality dairy produce
  • a cooked picnic range
  • and much more...

The full Riverford Farms Business product range offers a heady mix to the discerning and ethical eater, and of course gives a major boost to the franchise owners' turnover. And bottom line profit.

With your marketing hat on and lots of help and assistance from Riverford, you will increase the number of new customers starting life with a vegbox each week. Then you'll keep them loyal to you and Riverford by delivering exceptional, personal customer service, and engaging them fully with your business – all the way from Riverford's fields to their plates.

Riverford Farms Business | Organic Produce FranchiseWhilst you are using your local knowledge and expertise to become the Riverford brand ambassador within your territory, the Riverford team will look after the farming, hub logistics and brand marketing in the background.

It’s this harmonious balance between the macro and the micro, and a genuine passion for real food, good farming and ethical business that has enabled Riverford to flourish for nearly three decades.

Your focus will be to build and maintain a strong, engaged customer base loyal to you and Riverford, and the dedicated Riverford Head Office teams will support you all the way.

Support & Training:

Starting anything new is daunting, especially your own business. But you’re never alone as a franchise owner. All franchise owners are handpicked via an intensive recruitment system to make sure you are well suited to your franchise territory. During this process, you will be encouraged to fully discover what life is like, and Riverford will help you compile comprehensive business plans to deliver your growth strategy.

The Riverford professional head office team will advise you how to research and set up the infrastructure to trade your business, and steer you through the legal process of buying a business.

Before you launch, you will receive comprehensive training to help you maximise every opportunity in your new business venture. Riverford covers everything from:

  • proven strategies for growth
  • business & marketing planning
  • analyzing your customer database
  • how to use Riverford's bespoke round management
  • order processing systems
  • face-to-face-sales techniques

Once you are in place, the Riverford team will ensure you have the full support of their central teams for your first few critical weeks.

After that, the Riverford regional sales development managers will work with you to help you deliver your business plan effectively, and to achieve your growth targets.

The Investment:

When you buy a Riverford territory, you are buying the exclusive rights to trade under the Riverford brand identity, and via the established Riverford business model.

Riverford periodically has a number of resale territories available around the country. These are established territories with a certified trading history and active customer base. The investment level will therefore vary according to location, delivery numbers and turnover. A list of available Riverford territories can be found under the ‘resales’ tab.

Which territories are available?

Resale territories:

  • Burton & Loughborough £60,000
  • Lancashire £65,000

Prices are exclusive of Riverford's launch set up, marketing and training fee.

Find out more about the Riverford Farms Business, the leading Organic Produce Franchise. Click the button below now!

What Our Franchisees Say

Trust in the Riverford Business planning process. It may seem time consuming and complicated at the outset but is based on sound /tried and tested principles. If you follow it’s logic it'll give you a great steer and provide a solid base for achieving success.Hilary Garnham, Somerset West Home Delivery

Even during the toughest of times I don’t think I have honestly ever regretted taking on my Riverford Franchise.Jim Harbridge, Portsmouth Home Delivery

It feels good to be investing in a company that has such a strong code of ethics and isn’t all about making more money.Jo & Phil Limb, North Devon Home Delivery

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