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30 Minute Hit Gym Franchise
30 Minute Hit Gym Franchise
The 30 Minute Hit is definitely not your typical gym – nor is it a typical women’s gym. And it’s certainly not a typical kickboxing gym. Instead, 30 Minute Hit is a special place that inspires and empowers women through a unique community like nowhere else.
30 Minute Hit Gym Franchise
Franchise Information
  • BFA Membership StatusInternational Member
  • UK Years Established18 years
  • Current UK Coverage5%
  • Franchisee Support Staff10
  • Personal Investment Req.£40,000 approx
  • Total Startup Cost£120,000 approx
  • Venue-based business locationYes
  • Business to consumer servicesYes
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Circuit Training Franchise

New to the U.K., 30 Minute Hit provides an exciting express workout for women looking for connections and community as well as results.

30 Minute Hit is the premier women’s only boxing/kickboxing circuit training franchise. Their results driven fitness programme is targeted to the fastest growing segment of the fitness industry, it has been recognised for years as a top fitness trend, and is one of the hottest sectors in the franchise industry.

The 30 Minute Hit is definitely not your typical gym – nor is it a typical women’s gym. And it’s certainly not a typical kickboxing gym. Instead, 30 Minute Hit is a special place that inspires and empowers women through a unique community like nowhere else.

30 Minute Hit is a half-hour, women’s only, express fitness programme, combining boxing, kickboxing, self-defence, and core conditioning to create one of the most rewarding workouts anywhere. In just 30 minutes, members punch, kick, sweat, learn, and burn their way to results they never thought possible.

"The people you see in our gyms aren’t the typical cutie gym bunnies – these are women who’ve just come off a 12-hour nursing shift and need to work out the stress. They are teachers and mums, and women who have been working all day in their home office and just need to get out and see people." 
 Jodie Peck, UK Franchisee

30 Minute Hit Business  | Womens Circuit Training Franchise

The 30 Minute Hit Circuit Training Franchise:

30 Minute Hit is a rapidly expanding premier boutique Circuit Training Franchise. Founded in 2004, 30 Minute Hit has positioned the brand for further growth in its existing 90-plus and growing locations in Canada, the U.S, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Belfast in Northern Ireland. 30 Minute Hit is excited to continue its worldwide expansion in the UK!

You do not have to have any prior fitness or business experience within the fitness industry to run your own 30 Minute Hit Circuit Training Franchise. Each business owner will go through a detailed UniversHITy physical training and onboarding program. To ensure their success, 30 Minute Hit provides its franchisees a turnkey business model including:

  • Certification in physical training
  • Administration and management training
  • Management and business development tools
  • Marketing programs and sales training
  • In-depth support programs
  • An amazing team to help you every step of the way!

Although 30 Minute Hit have an owner/ operator requirement you can employ staff. The amount of staff is determined by each franchisee, having 2-3 part-time staff is most common as staff requirements are simple. 30 Minute Hit provide a fully detailed staff training programme which allows you to hire, train and manage staff efficiently.

All equipment for the 30 Minute Hit circuit is included in the H.I.T.S. Equipment Package.

30 Minute Hit Business | Circuit Training Franchise

You will receive Comprehensive Training and Support

Support for their franchisees is always a top priority. A dedicated support team is always ready to answer any question and help 30 Minute Hit franchisees in any way. 

Live interactive online training sessions are available to educate and help all franchisees stay current on current trends and market strategies while ongoing physical training sessions are available to ensure their training is always of the highest quality.

Franchisees are certified through their UniversHITy Training Center and with 30 Minute Hit’s highly systemized and well-developed approach to training, the specific skills required to instruct the circuit are easy to teach quickly and effectively.

30 Minute Hit has produced an incredibly detailed and successful Training Guide to help franchisees hire and train staff as efficiently as possible.

Recurring Revenue Model

Pre-authorised recurring billing of members provides franchisees with a consistent, stable and predictable revenue stream. In addition, there is a small retail line made available to franchisees. Franchisees can also offer a 'boot camp package' to their members, at an additional non-recurring fee. 

The Investment:

30 Minute Hit offer one of the most competitive initial investment ranges in the Fitness Franchise space with total costs starting at just £125,000 and one of the most affordable ways to enter the rapidly growing fitness industry.

Could you run your own 30 Minute Hit Circuit Training Franchise?

The ideal 30 Minute Hit franchisee is a highly motivated individual with an entrepreneurial spirit. The franchisee should have the willingness to learn and implement the proven and powerful business management systems.

Find out more about the 30 Minute Hit Business Opportunity and running your own Women's Only Circuit Training Franchise.
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Why Choose Us

Custom built cloud-based HIT tools and support systems providing remote management capabilities

Simple, turn-key, proven business model in a booming GROWTH industry

Flexible, rewarding and inspiring lifestyle

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