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14th October 2016

To those of you that have contacted us recently inquiring about a franchise, I am sure we are not the first you have contacted and probably won't be the last.

To those of you that have contacted us recently inquiring about a franchise, I am sure we are not the first you have contacted and probably won't be the last. We think it's great that you are contacting many other franchisors out there to establish which would be the right franchise for you!

We just wanted to let you know why we think buying a franchise from Artful Toddler or the Build it workshop would be a good move!

1. We like to work with you on a one on one basis.

Not one person or area is the same and we feel by working with you on a personal basis we can ensure that your personal and business needs will be met!

2. We help to research the area with you.

We would never sell you an area that we didn't think would work. What would be the point!? There are many companies out there that are happy to just sell you a territory and take the fee. We want to make sure that your area will be successful and through extensive research from both us and yourself, it will work!

3. We will come to you for training!

You've perhaps taken on a franchise to provide flexibility for you and your family. We will work with you to find a time and place to train that is convenient and most of all works for you!

3. When the training is done, we are still here!

Although we run an extensive training session you will never be left on your own once this is done. We are with you hourly, daily, weekly, whatever your requirements are! We will support you every step of the way to achieving what you want from a business.

4. Your territory is not determined by the price you pay!

Our programme is our programme and we would never charge you more to run certain aspects of it. Regarding your franchise area, we want ensure your business needs are met and we will work with you to ensure your area is big enough for you to run your business how you want. Our costs don't change based on the size of the area you have.

5. We are like no other!

After many years of extensive research towards other craft programmes out there we discovered that even though people claimed they were structured, in view, they never actually were.

Created by a mother of multiples who found going to arts and craft classes with her twins stressful, tiring and un-motivating, we created a class that covered all of the above needs. People don't just stay with us for a term, they stay with us for years! We believe we are the best arts and crafts company around. We provide STRUCTURE! We are not simply messy play!

To check if your area is available and to find out more about the Artful Toddler Franchise click the button below now!

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We are a structured programme that focuses on physical and social development making us UNIQUE to everyone else!

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