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14th October 2016

The Keepsake Co asked their members what their number one tip would be for those thinking of starting their own business.

The Keepsake Co asked their members what their number one tip would be for those thinking of starting their own business, they had some great responses with the over-riding theme of just go for it!

Here are some of their tips:

 The Keepsake Co - Cheekies Treasures

My number one tip for mum's starting out in business is love your product. You can have elements of your portfolio that you like but the passion and love you have for a particular product will shine through and customers will sense it even before you start talking. They will buy in to your passion in the same way you have. That's how I feel about my business, I love my work. ‪

The Keepsake Co - Lasting TouchMy top tip would have to be don't wait! If you think you'll one day feel 'ready' to start a business, you won't! It's a lot like starting a family, you just have to take the plunge and do it, then make it up as you go along, learning what you need to along the way. Don't be fooled into thinking that business owners have some special power that makes us good at business, we really don't! We were all scared starting out and we're all for the most part making it up as we go along! Support from a good mentor and fellow business owners definitely helps.

The Keepsake Co - Little MoonBeing a Mum in business can be challenging and overwhelming. It has been really useful to gain useful tips along the way. It's really important to be passionate about what you sell. If you don't love it how can you convince someone else that they will! I've also found that making time to plan really helps. Use a diary, Callander, lists, wall planner, etc whatever helps. When you are a busy Mum playing taxi driver doing school run or hanging out with the kiddies it's soooo important to book in uninterrupted time for your business to enable you to move forward.

The Keepsake Co - Ickle Pickle Prints

My number one tip for anyone starting their own business would be to try and link in with other small business owners and like-minded people for support. Working for yourself enables you to have the flexibility to work your hours, when you want to. However, it can also be a lonely experience if you are working from home on your own. Reach out to other businesses in your area, find local networking groups or join a group to share your experiences with other business owners.

The Keepsake Co - Mac'n'MollieResearch your area to look for any competition and where you think you can plug your business, for example nurseries, shops, cafes, kids soft play's etc anything is possible!
And just go for it ! go in to all these places and ask if you can come along with your business. Like the old saying - if you don't ask you don't get.
Be passionate about your business and talk to everyone about it, attend any free council run courses or mums in business meetings as they all help to spread the word and give you ideas and reinsurance along your journey.

The Keepsake Co - Ever AfterMy number one tip would be to take action and believe in yourself! Sometimes we talk ourselves out of things, but taking it just one step at a time you can build something beautiful!

The Keepsake Co - Treasured Timeless
Find a good support network. This could be others in the same type of business, those who have also set up on their own or even family members. In the early days it can be invaluable to have someone to bounce ideas off or reassure you that you're on the right track. And just go for it!

The Keepsake Co - bijou blu

My top tip would be to set yourself some very clear objectives, goals and come up with a good solid plan. Research your market and become what your competition is not. Above all have fun doing so! ‪

The Keepsake Co - Memories for Eva"Even though I am still in the infancy stage of starting up my business, my top tip would be to ensure that you have a calm, organised area that is devoted to your business and craft. This will help you in many ways, but especially in terms of having the right physical and mental space to produce your best work/art."

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