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BabyBeats Franchise Special Feature
If you are wanting to take your working life into your own hands a Franchise could be the opportunity you’re looking for.
BabyBeats Franchise Special Feature
Franchise Information
  • BFA Membership Status-
  • UK Years Established3 years
  • Current UK Coverage5%
  • Franchisee Support Staff5
  • Total Startup Cost£6,995
  • Venue-based business locationYes
  • Franchisee operates individuallyYes
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What’s In It For Me?

When looking into new ventures and exciting developments such as running your own business or taking on a new role; more and more we need to look at the WIIFM scenario (what’s in it for me). It’s the strategy that BabyBeats® use when connecting with local and national businesses. What is in it for them to partner with BabyBeats®? How can they mutually connect their businesses and how does it benefit both sides?

Challenging our working life with this simple question can feel peculiar and even selfish… but it shouldn’t.

We work hard, on average we spend one third of our lives working… so why shouldn’t you want to know what is in it for me? There is more to your working life than working long hours to line someone else’s pocket.

So… what’s in it for you?

This is something I can’t answer for you as what’s important to me may not be important to you… but I can give you some food for thought…

Are you making enough money? Money is not everything by far, but it is a huge driver in running your own business. You want to make profits, have revenue that affords you the lifestyle you desire and be comfortable in life.

Are you making a difference?  Making a difference doesn’t have to be a grand gesture or something nationally recognised it can be as simple as talking to someone who needs it, sharing a kind word, supporting someone that otherwise wouldn’t have it.

Are you reaching your full potential? Think about yourself as an 8-year-old, what did you want to be? You may have been realistic or in my case unrealistically unattainable, but those dreams and desires are still you. Have you reached them? Just because reality hits and we have bills to pay doesn’t mean you can’t make it happen for yourself.

A sense of empowerment; do you feel like you’re empowered? Are you driven to go to work and achieve something amazing for you and your family? Or is work a means to an end? Being passionate about your business is key, if you don’t believe in it, it won’t work. When you believe in your business you’re empowered, your job is easier and more enjoyable.

Live the Lifestyle you desire; I love the lifestyle my job enables me, I take my children to school, I can be out the house a few hours a day, I can take the dog out for an afternoon walk and get the tea started and hang the washing up all before the children get home. We can then spend evenings together doing activities or homework without being rushed or feel I am passing them from pillar to post.

Is your working life fun? Fun should always be in your work; this doesn’t mean to say you should be jumping on inflatables or laughing your head off, but it needs to be enjoyable. Do you love what you do? Work shouldn’t feel like work, it should feel like the thing you are supposed to be doing.

Never be afraid to ask What is in it for me?

If you are wanting to take your working life into your own hands a Franchise could be the opportunity you’re looking for. All the benefits of running your own business with the support and guidance you need.

If you would like to find out more about the BabyBeats® franchise opportunity just click below

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