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ComputerXplorers - Children's Computing Franchise
ComputerXplorers - Children's Computing Franchise
ComputerXplorers offers children aged three to 13 specialist computer workshops in their own school or nursery. If you love all things tech, and you want to help the next generation of coders and programmers find their start in life, ComputerXplorers is for you.
ComputerXplorers - Childrens Computing Franchise
Franchise Information
  • BFA Membership Status
  • UK Years Established18 years
  • Current UK Coverage32%
  • Franchisee Support Staff4
  • Total Startup Cost£24,950
  • Territory-based business locationYes
  • Venue-based business locationYes
  • Business to consumer servicesYes
  • Franchisee employs staffYes
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Computer Workshop Franchise

If you love all things tech, and you want to help the next generation of coders and programmers find their start in life, ComputerXplorers is for you.

ComputerXplorers offers children aged 3 to 13 specialist computer workshops in their own school or nursery. If you love all things tech, and you want to help the next generation of coders and programmers find their start in life, ComputerXplorers is for you.

Since launching in 2006 in the UK, ComputerXplorers have grown to include 28 UK and six international family businesses, teaching between 15,000 and 30,000 students each week.

ComputerXplorers Franchise | Computer Workshop Franchise

Could you run your own Children's Computer Workshops?

The need for children to develop computing skills is now widely recognised.

Fluency and familiarity with computers and technology is essential to nurture the future digital generation, and ensure that today’s children become creators of technology and not just passive consumers of it.

Demand is exploding as educators and parents recognise the value of these skills…and of course, the children are having so much fun, they don’t notice how much they are learning!

As a franchisee, you’ll have access to comprehensive range of teaching materials, from lesson plans, to parental update templates, to a suite of marketing materials. 

Franchisees benefit from low operational costs while enjoying high margins, and the home-based management system will give you a fantastic work/life balance. And you’ll never find work that’s more rewarding.

Children's Coding Franchise | Computer Coding Franchise

Choose how to run your business

One of the many benefits of owning a children's computer workshop franchise with ComputerXplorers, is that you can choose how to run your business. Whether you are working from home, or from an office, each day is likely to be different. Typically, there are four main areas that franchisees focus their efforts on:

  • Business Development:

    Connecting with your local schools to offer after school clubs, workshops or weekend clubs. These relationships are valuable, so even when schools are on board, you’ll maintain regular contact. This will allow you to gather continuous feedback so that you’re able to grow and improve your ComputerXplorers services. 

  • Marketing:

    Whilst ComputerXplorers will provide marketing support for the first year, there will be the need for you to create localised marketing content, such as social media posts or partnerships.  

  • Teaching and lesson planning:

    Particularly in the early stages, before you have recruited additional teachers, you will work with the resources provided by ComputerXplorers to plan and run the children’s computing lessons.

  • Recruitment:

    Initially, many franchisees choose to teach the classes themselves to save on overheads. However, as you expand, the need arises to recruit teachers. You’ll spend time recruiting teachers, then mentoring and teaching them to deliver the ComputerXplorers curriculum, as well as checking in with them regularly to ensure that they have the tools they need.  

Who choose ComputerXplorers?

ComputerXplorers is much more than an after-school computing workshop. They offer an engaging blend of fun and education that’s designed to capture the imagination. They specialise in sparking a child’s creativity, and prepare them for a technology-driven future.

ComputerXplorers are the leading Childrens Education Franchise – having won and been shortlisted for three awards in 2023 alone. 

Franchisees also benefit from:

  • Over 15 years’ experience in business development, sales and franchising
  • High turnover rates - £200,000+ per year achievable in year two
  • Low initial investment £24,950 – 100% funding available
  • Flexible hours to suit your lifestyle
  • Help children make the leap from technology consumers to creative geniuses!
  • Turnkey business – comprehensive start up package provided
  • Guaranteed appointment making service to get you into local schools
  • Full training and professional ongoing support
  • Personalised business success plan
  • High profitability – no rent, no rates and controlled staff costs
  • No previous experience in IT or education is required!

The Investment: 

If you’re as excited to see children have fun and excel in computing and want to launch them from consumers of tech to creators of tech, then the comprehensive start-up business package requires an investment of £24,950 + VAT (100% funding available). 

This investment includes an area, exclusive to you, of 300+ primary schools and nurseries/pre-schools, and they provide you with a starter-kit of 10 laptops to use to amaze and wow children into the wonderful world of computing.

Find out more about running your own Children's Computer workshop Franchise with ComputerXplorers.
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