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Introducing Natasha from Cheekies Treasures

1st June 2016

Natasha runs her company Cheekies Treasures with the support of The Keepsake Co.

Natasha runs her company Cheekies Treasures with the support of the Keepsake Co. Below, Natasha talks about how she started with The Keepsake Co:

The Keepsake Co - NatashaWhen I found out I was pregnant a second time the secondary feelings were how on earth are we going to cope. I hadn't even returned from my first stretch of maternity at this stage. My mind began to race, luckily the company had decided to re locate (after the first relocation two years before) back to London. All of my team were made redundant and I opted to go back and help settle a new team in before my second maternity leave started. I negotiated adjusted times starting work at 7.30am and finishing at 4pm. I also worked from 7pm through to 1am most if not all nights.

I knew that when it came to the topic of discussing my return from my second maternity leave that adjusted hours would not be an option and neither would part time. I enjoyed my job to a point but due to all the change my role was left very disjointed and had become a role of all the bits no-one could do or wanted to do.

So while I was on annual leave before I gave birth to cheeky number 2 I put some serious thought into what I was going to do. I knew that if I didn't take charge of my destiny at that stage I would be limited in my options later.

After finding the Keepsake Association and the most inspiring person I've ever had the fortune to meet (apart from my parents), I felt like I had a new option and Victoria's guidance and advice has motivated me to push myself harder than I thought was possible. As my maternity leave came to a close I felt really lucky that the sense of the safety net being yanked away isn't there. I don't feel like I'm in a flat spin and panicking.

I also feel like my decision to begin my business while probably bonkers just as I was about to have a baby was actually the smartest instinct I could have had. I've had two poorly children with the normal day to day sicknesses which would have been frowned upon at work (discreetly of course) and I've been able to see them both through hand foot and mouth and chicken pox as well as many other unnamed viruses. I did extremely well at Christmas, not because I was lucky but because I worked really hard. It is immense to see the direct fruits of your labour and it motivates me even more.

The Keepsake Co - NatashaThings have moved so fast with my keepsake business that I'm now having to work faster and more efficiently. I’ve been able to resign from my job without a hint of regret.

The new buzzword is outsourcing. I know I can grow my business but I'm not great or confident at certain things and while I could learn I just don't have the time or capacity. Orders are coming in! The business is growing and I need to nurture it.

I have to say apart from going on that second date with my husband and having the Cheekies, starting Cheekies Treasures, with the support of the Keepsake Company, has been my best decision to date.

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