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MagiKats Children's Tutoring Franchise Case Study
Lindsey Falconer opened her MagiKats Centre in Fleet in October 2015. After only six months, Fleet had 25 enrolments and was running workshops two days per week.
MagiKats Childrens Tutoring Franchise Case Study
Franchise Information
  • BFA Membership Status-
  • UK Years Established15 years
  • Current UK Coverage20%
  • Franchisee Support Staff6
  • Personal Investment Req.£5,500 approx
  • Total Startup Cost£17,500 approx
  • Venue-based business locationYes
  • Business to consumer servicesYes
  • Franchisee employs staffYes
Next Steps

Quick Expansion at MagiKats in Fleet for Lindsey Falconer

Opening the MagiKats Fleet Centre in October 2015, Lindsey Falconer reflected if she advised someone considering MagiKats or new franchise opportunities, she’d say: "If they understand the USPs of MagiKats, and think it sounds like a good programme, then it’s probably something they can sell."

Magikats - Lindsey FalconerNew Fleet franchisee builds enrolments

Having grasped the MagiKats philosophy, the next thing Lindsey considered before taking on a franchise was being a mum of one. Looking after toddler Leo and MagiKats Fleet fills up many hours of the week. After only running six months, Fleet has 25 enrolments and is running workshops two days per week. Magikats think this is pretty good going, and it has Lindsey thinking about how to expand her reach.

The possibilities for expansion suit mums looking for franchise opportunities

Lindsey says one of her main reasons for choosing a MagiKats franchise opportunity is "a love of children and a strong belief in the power of a good education." With a need for work/life balance, Lindsey is aiming for 45 enrolments by the end of her first year, and then upwards after. Thanks to her experience of MagiKats and the support she’s received, she’s then looking to run an additional centre once Leo is at pre-school.

Running your own business as a mum

Many Magikats' franchisees are mums and dads who wish for (to quote Lindsey) "a new challenge" that is "not going back to the 9-5 corporate routine". She didn’t want to run a business that left little time for family weekends together, yet relishes the times she has Leo in nursery and is free to get stuck in without someone "around her ankles". MagiKats is perfect for mums looking for franchise opportunities as you are free to take on more centres once you are able – you are not limited to one franchise – you can grow.

What kind of work does a MagiKats Principal need to do?

Understanding the brand’s ethos, 'learning without limits', is best described as children reaching their personal learning goals and enjoying education at the same time. Everyone follows a unique, tailored programme, which you as MagiKats Principal, oversee.

Lindsey was happy to give her top five tips for new MagiKats Principals:

  1. Don’t worry if most of your time to start with is spent marketing- it will be worth it
  2. Use the time to prepare as many resources as you can
  3. Spend time familiarising yourself with the materials
  4. Ensure you have at least one strong and reliable mentor ready to start
  5. Believe in what you are selling

Are there some challenges with a new MagiKats franchise?

The hours are great, so what next? Running your own business is certainly challenging at times. Magikats asked Lindsey what she wanted to concentrate on right now, and she said "getting to grips with the marketing that is working for me and that which isn’t" and improving enrolment growth over the summer. With her mentors developing well, she’s looking to sell what she’s seen at MagiKats Fleet to more parents: "students make real progress, and grow in confidence."

Could you be a MagiKats franchisee?

A franchise will challenge your organisation and communication skills. Lindsey tells us the hurdles include chasing up payments, keeping tabs on timetabling, feeding back to parents and students, and managing staff. Her advice to anyone about to open the doors to their new MagiKats franchise is to "establish good relationships with the parents from the start. Review all the work the tutors are doing … before and after the sessions, to enable you to understand more about the programme and the students".

How do MagiKats help?

The key to buying a good franchise is knowing it is based on a tried and tested formula that means you will achieve success and profits. MagiKats currently has 23 centres in the UK and several others abroad, all offering Maths and English tuition programmes throughout the year.

One of the most special things about becoming a franchisee with MagiKats is the opportunity to run your own business on exclusive turf. With MagiKats you have the added security of feeling part of a bigger team as Magikats support you through each stage of building your new franchise, and beyond.

To find out more about starting your own Magikats Franchise just click below

New MagiKats Tuition Centre Opens in LincolnNew MagiKats Tuition Centre Opens in Lincoln

MagiKats are delighted to announce that franchisees, Katie and Ronnie have launched their Tuition Centre Franchise in Lincoln.

Repurposing Teaching SkillsRepurposing Teaching Skills

Kirsty decided to join the MagiKats network in late 2019.

MagiKats Franchisees Still Going Strong After A Decade Or More!MagiKats Franchisees Still Going Strong After A Decade Or More!

Sisters Sarah and Holly, who run the MagiKats Hove Tuition Centre have now renewed their franchise contract again after ten years in the network.

What’s it like to run your own franchise business during a pandemic?What’s it like to run your own franchise business during a pandemic?

MagiKats franchisee Rachel Stampertalks about what it has been like to run her Tuition Centre business during the pandemic

A First Year of Franchising Success!A First Year of Franchising Success!

Debra Thomas recently celebrated the first anniversary of her MagiKats franchise in Hereford.

From Mentor to Franchise Owner of MagiKats East GrinsteadFrom Mentor to Franchise Owner of MagiKats East Grinstead

International mentor, Louisa Whittaker, returns to her hometown to open MagiKats in East Grinstead.

A New Focus For An Experienced Teacher Brings MagiKats Tutoring To Ryhope!A New Focus For An Experienced Teacher Brings MagiKats Tutoring To Ryhope!

Kathryn Mellett chose Magikats to make sure students had every opportunity to realise their full potential as they worked to gain life skills and good qualifications.

Jane Williams looks for a new challenge and finds MagiKats, was it worth it after one year?Jane Williams looks for a new challenge and finds MagiKats, was it worth it after one year?

When Jane Williams wanted a new challenge, she opened the first MagiKats Tuition Centre in Wales. So, one year on, how is it going?

What Our Franchisees Say

I only have to work approximately 20 hours a week with my centre and I'm earning a great full-time salary. The MagiKats HQ staff are really active and always ready to help, motivate and support you when required. That’s all you need to be honest.Iftikhar Hussain, MagiKats Franchisee in Edinburgh

As an ex-teacher, I find the MagiKats work comprehensive, written to a good standard and accessible to the students.Julie Sleightholme, MagiKats Franchisee

Being a MagiKats franchisee has completely changed my life - for the better! I now have plenty of time for my family and friends, whereas before I used to be rushing from home to work. Life is 100% more enjoyable nowadays!Stefanie Kosky, MagiKats Franchisee

Why Choose Us

Enjoy the safety and reassurance of having well organised business materials, advice and training behind you, as well as the support of people who care about your success.

Enjoy the fun and challenge of running your own profitable business with all the hard work involved in setting it up done for you.

Enjoy a great work life balance.

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