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11th November 2014

Jo Wilkinson decided to help look after the homes and families of Lincoln with her Bright and Beautiful domestic cleaning business.

Jo Wilkinson had spent 16 years juggling a fast paced marketing career with running a home and busy social life. She decided to help look after the homes and families of Lincoln with her domestic cleaning business.

Why did you decide on a Bright & Beautiful franchise?

I’d worked in the same career for about 15 years and wanted a complete change. I was looking for something flexible that would fit in with being a Mum. I had been under whelmed with the cleaning companies I had used in the past and when I saw Bright & Beautiful I knew that there would be a huge demand for a cleaning company that offered a more reliable and professional service with consistently high standards.

How long have you been a franchisee?

Since September 2011

Bright and Beautiful Franchise - Jo WilkinsonWhat are your top three favourite things about being a franchisee?

You never feel like you’re alone – there is the support of head office and your peers. Being part of something bigger – it’s like a big family where everyone cares and supports each other. Seeing the company grow is fantastic as we’ve all played a part in the success, also following a tried and tested business model. I could not have grown this quickly had I set up a business on my own. All the hard work and research is done for you.

How does it differ to your previous jobs/roles?

I now work with women whereas before I worked in a predominantly male environment. I am now accountable for my success and am not limited in my earning potential as I used to be working for someone else.

How does it affect your family life?

My family life has vastly improved. I’m at home a lot more and get to do the school run most days. I also get more ‘me’ time to cook, exercise etc. than I ever did before.

How many people do you employ? How do you find managing people? Have you got plans to increase the number?

I now employ 12 women. I really enjoy managing them and it’s very rewarding being able to offer hours that fit in with them being Mums too. I normally look to employ someone new every 3 months or so.

Do you enjoy a better quality of living?

Much better. There is no commute and I am in charge of my weekly planning. If I’d had a couple of busy weeks I always make sure that I have a quieter week to recharge the batteries and look at the bigger picture. I still get a buzz from being able to take a day off without having to fill out a holiday form!

What are your plans for the business for the next 3-5 five years?

To continue to grow at the same rate as I am now. I’m hoping to employ someone to help me in the office this year to help with the day to day running of the business so I can focus on winning new customers.

How do you find being your own boss?

I love it and will never go back to working for someone else! It’s not always easy but nothing worthwhile is. The first year is the toughest as there’s so much to learn but with the support from head office you get through it and after it does become easier.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced as a business owner? How have you overcome them?

I think learning to switch off has been the most difficult thing, especially when you are so passionate about something. However it’s essential to take a break. Taking my first holiday was a big milestone. Switching my phone off at night helped too as it stopped me from obsessively checking for messages.

Do you carry out any cleaning yourself?

Very rarely. In the early days I used to help when needed but I’m busy working on other parts of the business these days.

Does the environmental angle of the business affect how many clients you have?

It’s difficult to say. Some people really like the idea of eco-friendly products but the main aspect that customers like is the consistent, reliable, high quality service.

What's your split of clients? I.e. working mums/men/age etc?

It’s a real mixture. We mainly have professional couples with young families but also some retired people. I also have quite a high percentage of self-employed clients.

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