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The Creation Station are pleased to introduce Shobhana Sankar

20th August 2014

Shobhana Sankar inspires imaginations with The Creation Station in Surrey.

Shobhana Sankar, mum to Bhruhati, inspires imaginations with The Creation Station, Sutton, Surrey franchise.

The Creation Station - Shobhana Sankar"After having my daughter my priorities changed. I wanted to be there for my daughter and my family. Running my own franchise with a brand that shared my family values and personal values was the obvious choice for me.

I worked as a research assistant in Molecular Neurobiology, but once I had my daughter my whole world changed. I wanted a flexible career that would fit around my family needs and my own aspirations.

I come from a family who have all run their own businesses, so I understand the hard work that’s involved and also, the satisfaction and rewards that being my own boss would bring.  I liked the idea of franchising because of the benefit of a proven business model.

This was going to be a big step for me and I needed to be sure it was right, so my husband and I did a lot of research before investing in my franchise. We attended the British Franchise Exhibition in Manchester in June 2013 as we wanted to only look at professional franchised businesses registered with the British Franchise Association which gave us greater confidence.

We had heard that there would be numerous dedicated experts within the franchising field that we would be able to speak with, this allowed us to be able to make a reasoned decision about which business would work best for us as a family. The Creation Station stood out for us as we believed that we shared the same values and passion in respect of creativity and inspiring children’s imaginations. They are a well established brand across the UK and this gave me great reassurance knowing I would be part of an amazing network.

I felt this was a business I believed in as it allowed me to work with children and watch them grow and develop, focusing on nurturing each child’s creativity. I love the fact that I can bring my daughter along to classes too, not only am I saving on child care costs but I am able to share and inspire her too, which feels wonderful."

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