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Tina and Ian Launch Ambience in Suffolk!

23rd November 2017

Tina swaps her career in visual merchandising for wedding venue styling!

Tina and Ian joined Ambience as stylists in early October 2017.

Ambience - Tina and IanTina begins to tell us about life before they joined the world of Ambience Venue Styling...

"Most of my career has been in visual merchandising; I have worked for Debenhams, BHS, and Jaeger. I have also done some freelance work. I spent several years working in a visual arts department in a high school/sixth form, as a technician. So I have always worked in a creative field.

Ian has always been in retail management and is good with figures and business awareness.
Ian is still in his current job and gives me the support on the business side of the franchise."

We asked Tina what led her to looking into joining a franchise?

"I wanted to do something different, but still creative and rewarding. I thought about setting up on my own, but where would I start? I knew it would take me a long time to get off the ground with the idea.

I believed joining a franchise would give me the support of an established company and varying levels of experience within the network."

Why did you choose Ambience and tell us a little about the journey that lead to you making your decision?

"I felt that because the network was well established and had many stylists, it gave me more confidence to join. I had no doubts about how hard I would have to work to build my business, but I know the rewards will come later.

Of course I had concerns at first. I had always been employed and now everything was about to change.

I had regular contact with head office over several months and asked lots of questions, there was so much I wanted to know before I came to my decision!

Studying my area gave me a better understanding of what was being offered in styling. I spoke to several stylists about how being part of the franchise worked for them. They were all very friendly and gave me more of an insight as to what’s involved in the wedding sector. Everyone was honest about how much hard work there would be, but also how rewarding running your own business is.

Once I had made my decision to join, I had a long list to work through for setting up my business. It was all the basics that needed to be in place before my area/region went live. I’m so glad it was done before I started! I have been so busy since my start date, I would have struggled to get everything done.

Head office have been supportive throughout. Everything went smoothly with my purchase; my family support has been great."

And the Ambience Journey Continues…

"My days are full! I have been out meeting people, visiting venues and networking with local businesses. It doesn’t feel like there are enough hours in the day! But I’m really enjoying it, every day is different. My confidence is growing, and I love the challenges.

Everyone I have been in contact with has been lovely, so helpful and understanding. Being the “new girl” is always difficult but I feel really welcomed by the team.

I’ve made some good contacts at several venues and have some exciting plans in the New Year, to work with them on photo shoots; I’m looking forward to those. I have my first wedding fair early January too, so lots of new challenges ahead for 2018.

I find AMBA our virtual assistant helpful and as I use it more it will make admin much quicker and easier for me."

We asked Tina how the husband and wife team is working for them both…

"It’s working well and I know I only have to ask if I need any help. We have been married for 31 years, so we know each other’s strengths and how to motivate and provide support when it’s needed. But it’s good to know you have someone there to help you."

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What Our Franchisees Say

I had the regular concerns that all people considering buying into a franchise would have as well as the fear of the self-employed world but after going across to Head Office and meeting the team there, I quickly began to realise that I could well have stumbled across something amazing! Buying an Ambience franchise was the best thing I’ve ever done.

Laura Clark - York Franchisee

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