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Buying a business with a friend - Razzamataz franchise success

28th August 2014

They say a problem shared is a problem halved and when you are in business, it is true that two heads are better than one. Deciding to go into business with someone else is never a decision to take lightly but with the right product and the right people, the success of it can be both financially and personally extremely rewarding.

They say a problem shared is a problem halved and when you are in business, it is true that two heads are better than one. Deciding to go into business with someone else is never a decision to take lightly but with the right product and the right people, the success of it can be both financially and personally extremely rewarding.

Louise and Lyndsey, Razzamataz FranchiseesTake Louise McHendrie, age 27 and Lyndsey Loughery age 39 who are the joint owners of part-time theatre school Razzamataz Newton Mearns in Scotland. Louise comes from a dance background and runs a dance studio in Busby and although Lyndsey is also from a dance background, she is also a registered general nurse with more than 12 years’ experience.

“We realised this was a great opportunity, and thought that we both brought different attributes to the table,” explains Louise about the decision to buy a Razzamataz franchise together. We work well as a team and communicate well together and being joint owners means that we can share the workload and bounce ideas off each other. We are both creative and have different strengths, so bringing it all together will hopefully give us an advantage as opposed to working on our own.”

Although the ladies have only been in business a few months, they haven’t found any downsides to the situation. “We don't see any negatives,” says Lyndsey. “Perhaps further down the line we may need to compromise with each when making any big decisions that affect the school. But so far, working together has been fun and it doesn't always actually feel like work. We are there to support each other with the workload, and delegate tasks that we are each better at. The fact that we both have a good work ethic and are prepared to put in the hours, has made it very easy to get along.”

Ross and James, Razzamataz FranchiseesWorking together for more than a year and still going strong is James Murden age 28 and Ross Brown age 25 who are the franchise owners at Razzamataz Bristol north. The pair met at a Youth Drama group nearly 15 years ago and with a shared passion for performing arts, they spotted that Razzamataz was the perfect business opportunity for them.

“We both work outside of Razzamataz, Ross is a full time teacher and I present on QVC on evenings and some weekends, this means we can share the business responsibility together and not feel too much pressure,” explains James. “We bounce ideas off each other and between us we have a great balance of educational background and business sense.”

In terms of advice for other people, Ross says: “If you both share the same goal and communicate a lot, you can achieve great things whilst enjoying yourselves along the way. There's the odd occasion where one of us may think that the other one has completed a task, yet neither of us actually have but this is very rare! Just always make sure that you're both on the same page, that way you don't have to check with your business partner before making every decision. Razzamataz is a really profitable and enjoyable business opportunity and in our opinion, it's great to have that journey and share it with a business partner.

In fact Ross and James are enjoying their partnership so much that they are just about to launch the second Razzamataz school in Bristol south in Keynsham.

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I don’t have a business background so after deciding to retire from professionally performing it was the memories of Razzamataz on Dragons’ Den that set the wheels in motion. I was really inspired by the brand and the business model and because it is a franchise business we receive a lot of help and support from Head Office as well as on-going training so I can make Razzamataz Barnet the success that I believe it can be. In the last 12 months, I have doubled my student numbers in a very competitive market and I have now clear plans on how I would like my business to progress this year,

Michael French, Razzamataz Barnet

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