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Kiddleydivey Music Franchise Case Study
Meet Kiddleydivey Eve Whitmore, she runs Kiddleydivey Shropshire, Mid Wales & Wolverhampton
Kiddleydivey Music Franchise Case Study
Franchise Information
  • BFA Membership Status
  • UK Years Established7 years
  • Current UK Coverage18%
  • Franchisee Support Staff4
  • Personal Investment Req.£6,479
  • Total Startup Cost£6,479
  • Territory-based business locationYes
  • Business to business servicesYes
  • Business to consumer servicesYes
  • Franchisee operates individuallyYes
  • Full/part-time working hoursYes
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Meet Kiddleydivey Eve Whitmore, she runs Kiddleydivey Shropshire, Mid Wales & Wolverhampton

I spent my whole career in advertising sales, 14 of which were with Yell (Yellow Pages). I loved the work and especially the money but by the time I was pregnant with my second child I was worrying about the long hours.

Kiddleydivey Franchise | Children's Music FranchiseMy daughter Emily was first at nursery each morning and then I’d be breaking my neck to make sure I was back to collect her for 6. All the money in the world wasn’t going to make up for me missing out of their childhood and when Emily started school, I really wanted to be there to collect her. 

One day I literally googled “full time income/part time hours” and it took me through to a Kiddleydivey advert on a working mum’s website! I registered my interest online and received an email.

Learning about the Kiddleydivey Music Franchise

I spoke to Sally personally, the founder and director of Kiddleydivey. She was very helpful and carried me on my journey. We spoke over the phone a couple of times and talked through how the business could work in terms of numbers of clients and earnings opportunities. Money was my main concern, could I make enough to make it worth my while leaving a good job? Sally invited me along to join in on a session. I remember walking into this lounge in a care home and all the residents were sitting around the edge of the room in an almost comatose state. Once the music started the room lite up and by the second song in, they were all clapping and singing and having the best time! I loved it!!

Training and Support

Sally invited me down to her studio at her house, where I spent 4 days training. We did two sessions every day and every evening we would go through the operations manual with her and her partner Keith.

By the end of the 4th day, I was delivering a session with Sally supporting me. On the 5th day I went home and got on the phone to started making appointments to local care homes in my area. I wasn’t worried about the “sales” side of things, but the thought of performing the session alone was scarier.

I booked someone in on my first day and rang Sally who was thrilled. I also rang her after each session for the first month, mainly because I was buzzing and wanted to share but also if I had any queries about an element of a set or a song. Having Sally as a Franchisor, comes with continued support and training, that allowed me to start earning very quickly. With the training and ongoing support, I was making people smile and laugh through my sessions, which was so rewarding.

  • The franchise comes with
  • Props and equipment
  • Pre-planned sessions, with a library of 200 songs
  •  Access to the brand marketing materials on the Kiddleydivey portal. I was provided with my unique login details and was able to setup my Facebook page and use the name, logo, and stationery on the portal to grow my business. Included was a library of song lyrics and pictures I could use.

Kiddleydivey | flexible business opportunities

The Working Day 

Working as a Franchisee of Kiddleydivey, allows me to have flexibility and work around my family life. I finally was able to be there for my children’s school pick up time. I would drop my youngest to school in the morning, come home and spend time invoicing and doing jobs around the house. I tend to deliver one session at 11am and another at 2pm.

Depending on where I am in the county, I’m back to make the school run for 3.30. My business model works with adults only, I have a couple of lunchtime community groups and on those days, I can fit in 3 sessions a day. What is great about the Kiddleydivey franchise it also gives you the option to work with children too. Great way to secure more sessions.

Potential Earnings

My clients pay between £65 and £80 per session. The majority are at £74. Pre-covid I was earning more than £3200 per month working from 10-3!! That’s where I’m trying to get back to.

There is a camaraderie when you’re a franchisee. We are self-employed but you also aren’t alone. At the start it was important for me to have someone to share the highs and lows with. Being part of the Kiddleydivey franchise meant I had the support from other franchisees and the established brand image.

When growing my business and talking to new clients about how long the business had been going, it added more value to my pitch, especially if we were already working in a sister home.

It was easier than starting your own business because you are provided with the training and support, the props, access to library of songs, images, marketing materials and a schedule of your session!

My Advice:

What are you waiting for, get on the phone and hammer it to within an inch of your life. I started on 1st August and by end of January I was seeing 24 customers a month, every month and growing.

The sessions sell themselves once you’re in the home, they’re brilliant and the residents and staff adore it. However, you’ve got to get through the front door in the first place. Also, make sure you block time out in your diary to have a break/holiday. It can take of quick and homes book for a whole year and before you know it, you’ve said yes to every appointment and left no time to go away!! 

Find out more about running your own Kiddleydivey Music Franchise by clicking below now!

Kiddleydivey Franchisee runs her Music Business in Gravesend.Kiddleydivey Franchisee runs her Music Business in Gravesend.

Meet Kiddleydivey Franchisee Claire Crow who had a career of over 34 years training in all sectors of adult’s and children’s social care.

What Our Franchisees Say

How many people can honestly say they love their job?! I feel privileged to be in a position where I can, hand on heart, say ‘I do’. It’s a change of career that requires drive and passion but one that I have never regretted. Knowing you have made a difference makes for unrivalled job satisfaction.Gunni Graygoose, franchisee since 2016

I wanted to be able to do the school run every morning and most evenings. I wanted to be able to work 3-4 days a week so that I would still have time to spend with my children. I knew how much money I would need to earn every month and Kiddleydivey lets me achieve that.Eve Whitmore, franchisee since 2014

I wanted a flexible business to work around my family that I felt confident I could run. Offering a great and rewarding business was important to me, along with the opportunity to bring in a substantial salary to support my family.Linley Chappells, franchisee since 2016

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