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Theatretrain Drama Franchise Case Study
Theatretrain Drama Franchise Case Study
Pip Evans says that you’re heavily supported from Theatretrain Head Office with what’s required from behind the scenes with things like marketing, and additional training in developing your business.
Theatretrain Drama Franchise Case Study
Franchise Information
  • BFA Membership Status-
  • UK Years Established30 years
  • Current UK Coverage30%
  • Franchisee Support Staff5
  • Personal Investment Req.£7,500 approx
  • Territory-based business locationYes
  • Business to consumer servicesYes
  • Franchisee employs staffYes
Next Steps

Pip Evans has been running Theatretrain Basingstoke for the last six years.

My intro is all very cliché! I started performing at a very young age. Yes, my mum and dad introduced me initially to the local dance school but year upon year my love for theatre grew and grew and grew.

Theatretrain Franchise | Theatre School FranchisePerforming and theatre has always been a part of my life and I think it always will. Ultimately, I am now able to teach, train and inspire students of mine week on week and there is no better feeling.

I trained at the London School of Musical Theatre and performed professionally in London’s West End and also internationally. It was during the international tour of Beauty & The Beast that I met my husband, Joe. My lifestyle took a natural change and I decided to give up performing and instead pursue a career in Marketing. Even though I wasn’t performing I found it hard to say goodbye to it all together so started teaching at a local Theatretrain. I taught for 4 years alongside my job in marketing and absolutely loved it. Throughout this time, Joe and I got married and had 2 children and during this time Joe covered my teaching role at Theatretrain so Theatretrain was always with us along our journeys!

The previous owner of Basingstoke decided that it was time for her to give up her Theatretrain shoes and approached me and asked if I wanted to take it over. Joe and I spoke long and hard and in all honesty, with where I was in my life, having a young family, and with always wanting my own performing arts school it was a very easy decision.

What appealed to me so much about Theatretrain is that even though it’s a franchise you have so much opportunity to make it your own. They trust you and encourage you to be individual and that was so important to me. I think it’s important to your students and family also. Being a teacher, I had already built relationships with my students and their parents so to the transition to Centre Director and franchisee was wonderful.

Theatretrain Franchise | Theatre School FranchisePersonalisation, sincerity and consistent drive is what I believe makes us successful at Theatretrain Basingstoke.

Our main objective is ensuring our students receive ‘professional training in performing arts’ so week on week we research and develop as best we can as teachers to ensure that is delivered. Relationships is what’s also key when running a Theatretrain.

You’re able to build relationships with your students, your staff, your parents and of course Head Office.  You’re heavily supported from Head Office with what’s required from behind the scenes with things like marketing, and additional training in developing your business. In fact you have everything there you need – it’s just then down to you to add the magic and make your own centre special and unique.

Over the 6 years I have owned Theatretrain Basingstoke Head Office have really developed in line with the current climate to ensure that they resources they offer of us are what’s really going to make a difference in driving our businesses to the top and to have that support is incredible.

Everybody is on the same page at Theatretrain. We all want to enrich young people’s lives and want to make a difference. We’re all passionate to want to strive and achieve - And there is something quite special being part of a family that all have the same hopes and ambitions as you – all whilst doing what you love and are so passionate about. 

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What Our Franchisees Say

While I was a drama teacher and I had lots of administrative, as well as some managerial experience, I had never run my own business and it was initially quite a scary experience taking on a new venture. However, the training and support I received from the Theatretrain head office really helped me to get the school off the ground, and to understand all the business side of running a franchise.Carol Soper, Theatretrain Franchisee, Sutton

When I took over the Chester school in 2005, I didn’t realise how quickly I would be able to turn a hobby into a business. Theatretrain provides wonderful experiences, not just for our pupils but also for our teachers and centre directors…the support between centre directors and from head office is a key part of our success.Steve Davies, Theatretrain Franchisee, Chester, Mold and Wrexham

Theatretrain is like a family; the head office team are so welcoming and gave amazing support and insight into how to run a new centre and this has continued so there is always a great support network. The wider network of Centre Directors is also so encouraging and generous of best practice sharing.Erin Griffiths, Theatretrain Franchisee, Waltham Forest

Why Choose Us

National performance opportunities at iconic venues such as the Royal Albert Hall

Theatretrain dare to be different

Personalised support and guidance

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