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Auditel Business Consultancy Franchise Case Study
Auditel Franchise Partner Sean Connaughton hails the impact of Auditel’s Carbon Solutions.
Auditel Business Consultancy Franchise Case Study
Franchise Information
  • BFA Membership StatusFull
  • UK Years Established30 years
  • Current UK Coverage50%
  • Franchisee Support Staff15
  • Personal Investment Req.£8,000
  • Total Startup Cost£40,000
  • Home-based business locationYes
  • Business to business servicesYes
  • Part of a collaborative networkYes
Next Steps

Over £6000 per month in retainer fees, and much more in the pipeline!

Auditel Franchise Partner Sean Connaughton hails the impact of Auditel’s Carbon Solutions.

In late October 2021, Sean Connaughton organised a webinar, primarily using social media and email invitations to business directors of organisations in Scotland.  It attracted over 70attendees and led to multiple meetings through November and into early 2022, the majority of which are still in progress.

Auditel Franchise - Carbon Solutions FranchiseSo far, Sean has signed up five new clients, for whom he will manage their carbon management planning, in line with the British Standards Institute (BSI) verified PAS 2060 standard.   The standard demands a complete process encompassing ‘Measuring, Reducing, Offsetting and Verifying’ to demonstrate ‘carbon neutrality’.  At the end of the process, typically over a one year period, the whole cycle restarts, providing long-term clients and subsequent income streams.

Auditel can provide a complete service to work through the entire process, and a huge and unique advantage to clients in engaging Auditel, is that the whole process can effectively become ‘self-funding’ through the procurement savings and cost management improvements Auditel can achieve in separate projects undertaken for the organisation alongside the carbon management process. An incredibly powerful proposition.

What does it mean to be ‘Carbon Neutral’?

As defined by the BSI, Carbon neutrality means not adding new greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to the atmosphere. Where emissions continue, they must be offset by absorbing an equivalent amount from the atmosphere, for example through carbon capture and reforestation that is supported by carbon credit schemes. 

Auditel Franchise - Carbon Solutions FranchiseAuditel have decades of experience in the energy sector and have undertaken large numbers of projects involved with sustainability, energy from waste, off-grid energy projects, renewables, and waste management, and have a team of dedicated experts within the organisation that formed Auditel’s ‘Carbon Strategy Group’ several years ago.

Sean was able to harness the adapted positioning of Auditel’s ‘Cost, Procurement and Carbon Solutions’ to lead client engagement through carbon, more so than procurement, as Auditel recognise the need of all organisations to address sustainability challenges within their business for an array of different reasons.

Sean explainsThere are lots of different drivers for businesses to establish their carbon footprint and set out a carbon management plan.  The difficulty is that they lack the understanding, time and resource to get this process in place in the first place, let alone to complete it.  Many are creating an expensive employment position which still relies on an individual to have the all-round knowledge and expertise to oversee the entire process.  By engaging Auditel, they tap into a huge resource of knowledge and expertise, and the comparative cost compared to employing a staff member is a fraction.  Better still, through Auditel, we can examine their indirect expenditure too, saving them a huge amount of money, that can be used to fund the projects, purchase offsets, and invest elsewhere in the business and increase profitability.”

Sean continuesThere are other factors that are prompting organisations to change.  The pressure of customer expectations that a business or brand can demonstrate it is focussed on sustainability is important. Other businesses may supply goods or services to other organisations, and those organisations need to measure the carbon emissions in their supply chain.  In effect, this means businesses that don’t have a carbon management plan in place themselves will increasingly be losing out on business to competitors that do.”

Already from just five clients, I have ongoing monthly retainer fees totalling £6035 per month, that’s over £70,000 per year, and I anticipate this doubling my retainer clients within the coming weeks! 

Sean Connaughton, Auditel Franchise Partner

He advisesI am currently extremely busy in the process of working through meetings, doing scoping projects, creating and presenting proposals, and undertaking the project work to create the initial part of each process, the carbon footprint report – and all of this stemmed from just one webinar!”

Auditel Franchise - Carbon Solutions FranchiseSean adds “In addition to the base retainer, there are separate projects involved in the carbon reduction process, and then the broader procurement projects on top too, for which this can also open up significant income opportunities.  Needless to say, I’m hugely excited!

What’s so satisfying is that my success is from delivering projects that make a positive difference for my clients, and impact very positively on the future of the planet too.  I feel very good about that.  I can only say that for people considering starting a business, the Auditel opportunity is in an incredible position right now.  I would love to see more Auditel colleagues to be collaborating with in the months and years to come, especially up here in Scotland though this opportunity is vast everywhere in the UK.

Auditel Franchise - Carbon Solutions FranchiseSean is not the only Auditel Franchise Partner benefitting.  Across the UK, many others in the network are reporting similar successes.  Auditel ensures all franchise partners attend, and pass, a separate five-day training course on carbon solutions.  By completing the training, they achieve ‘BSI Associate Consultant’ status too, adding further credibility to their Auditel status.

To find out more about Auditel’s Carbon Solutions and to explore how you can succeed in self-employment with Auditel just click below

Auditel Business Consultant earning over £100k income and only just starting year two!Auditel Business Consultant earning over £100k income and only just starting year two!

16 clients, over £100k income and still growing and only just starting year two!

'I joined Auditel and had my first prospective client meeting 30 minutes later!'"I joined Auditel and had my first prospective client meeting 30 minutes later!"

Paul Harper shares his exploration journey in becoming a new Licenced Partner of the Auditel Business Community

New Auditel Partner Julie off to a busy startNew Auditel Partner Julie off to a busy start

Julie Adams only joined the Auditel Business Community in Autumn 2022, with one client accepting her proposals to start work in the New Year she has many more prospects in the pipeline.

“If you have the drive and determination to succeed in banking, you will succeed with Auditel”“If you have the drive and determination to succeed in banking, you will succeed with Auditel”

Gordon, at the age of 53, joined Auditel in 2007 following a successful career in banking.

Auditel stands out in the b2b sectorAuditel stands out in the b2b sector

Auditel welcomes new franchise partners including Mike Powers, a south-London based former Commercial Director.

Auditel Franchisees Huw Williams & David JamesAuditel Franchisees Huw Williams & David James

How are they faring six-months into their Auditel business?

Gill is Enjoying Great Success in Self-Employment with AuditelGill is Enjoying Great Success in Self-Employment with Auditel

Gillian Gibbon has been running her Auditel franchised business since 2003 after being made redundant.

What Our Franchisees Say

"I’ve got a stable, profitable business with a great team behind me, and financially I am in a better position than I would be if I was still in full time employment." David Kendall

"If you have the drive and determination to succeed in banking, you will succeed with Auditel" Gordon Brearley

"I started my Auditel business with training in October 2022 and already by the end of the year I had secured my first client, with two more proposals out for imminent decisions and have another twelve prospective client meetings in the diary over January and February." Julie Adams

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Develop a personal income stream that can exceed £200,000 per year

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