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Jigsaw Performing Arts Schools Celebrate 20 Years

7th September 2015

In 2015 Jigsaw Performing Arts Schools are celebrating 20 years of running top quality performing arts schools.

In 2015, Jigsaw Performing Arts Schools are celebrating 20 years of running top quality performing arts schools. As a well established company with excellent systems in place, Jigsaw was in a strong position to offer franchise opportunities with the confidence of business success.

Michael Twaits opened the first Jigsaw franchise in Wimbledon in January 2014 and now in September this year he is launching his second school in his new territory, Mitcham. As Michael had already worked for Jigsaw he knew he was in safe hands.

"It was a safe investment for me. Jigsaw has already delivered what they have promised. With Jigsaw’s support, I am on track with my business plan in Wimbledon and really enjoying it which led me to the decision of a second territory."

Joining Michael in launching new schools this September, is Katie in Watford, Jacqui and Simon in St Albans and Jade in Brentwood. Here’s why they chose a Jigsaw Franchise.

Jigsaw Performing Arts - 20 YearsJacqui - Jigsaw St Albans

After working for various different schools over the years it was a pleasure to find a place where increasing children's confidence was a priority. Taking on a new business can be daunting but the Jigsaw team are friendly and supportive. They are extremely helpful and they have a wealth of experience behind them.

The training is thorough and very helpful. Already having a tried and tested structure in place was great for us training in a new business. The ethos of Jigsaw is straight forward and uncomplicated making it an easy product to sell from the outset. We're very happy we chose Jigsaw!

Jigsaw Performing Arts - 20 YearsKatie - Jigsaw Watford

Growing up attending my local stage school in Cumbria was a huge part of my life until I left home to attend full time drama school at the age of 18. I was always inspired by my teachers and knew that when I grew up that I wanted to be just like them as they made me feel confident and really challenged me to be the best performer I could be.

I have since taught at several theatre schools and have seen first hand how being involved in the Performing Arts can benefit every single child - not just the ones that are obsessed with musicals like I was! It's such a fun way for children to grow as individuals and express themselves.

I chose Jigsaw because I feel the ethos is exactly what I believe in and if I was to open my own school from scratch then I'd want it to be just like Jigsaw with my added personal touch, so opening Jigsaw Watford allows me to do just this! The structure in place and the supportive environment Jigsaw provides has made the process leading up to the opening of my school both enjoyable and exciting!.

Jade – Jigsaw Brentwood

Jigsaw has always been a part of my life. I was a student at Jigsaw from the age of 10 and then returned as a teacher and then a manager. At each stage, I have been supported and encouraged by Jigsaw and the natural step for me was to open my own Jigsaw school in Brentwood. I have every confidence that I have made an excellent choice in running a Jigsaw franchise and know I will continue to receive the support and training in order to make my school a success!

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Jigsaw Performing Arts Franchise Case Studies

Katie runs her Jigsaw Performing Arts franchise in Watford
11th February 2016
Katie talks about her Jigsaw Performing Art franchise that she has run since September 2015 in Watford.

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