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Introducing Sam Bradshaw - The Principal of Razzamataz Hampstead

11th September 2013

Sam Bradshaw tells us what attracted him to Razzamataz Theatre Schools and about the running of his business in Hampstead

Sam Bradshaw tells us what attracted him to Razzamataz Theatre Schools and about the running of his business in Hampstead

How did you hear about Razzamataz?

Initially it was Denise’s appearance on Dragons’ Den back in 2007. I loved the idea and I applied for information at the time but back then I was looking for something more full-time so it wasn’t right. But I kept the details and revisited it last year when I realised it was the perfect business to fit into my life.

Razzamataz - Sam BradshawDo you have a background in the performing arts?

Yes I went to drama school and have been a performer for the past 15 years.

Have you run your own business before?

Yes, I still do but Razzamataz fits in perfectly with this and it’s great that I can run both businesses side by side.

What attracted you to the franchise sector, specifically children’s performing arts?

I looked into setting up on my own but it was the support of working with a team and getting guidance from a tried and tested formula that was the most appealing. I was very worried about the insurance side of the business and making sure I was properly covered and this is something where being part of a franchise can really help.

How did you finance your Razzamataz franchise?

Savings and a loan.

What are the best things about being a Razzamataz Principal?

There are many exciting opportunities available to me because this is a growing business. Working with the Razzamataz network has been fantastic and I really feel my ideas are listened two, which makes me feel like a very respected member of the team. Although I have been open for less than a year, I have had some amazing feedback from parents who are delighted with the progress their children are making, especially the shyer children who now have the confidence to perform during the school assembly.

What are the most difficult aspects of running your own business?

You have to build up really good relationships with all your parents and really listen to them and take into account what they are saying, which can be challenging when there are so many of them. But when you do you hear some amazing things about the students so it is definitely worth investing that time.

What advice can you offer anyone wishing to buy a franchise?

Don’t underestimate the amount of work you will need to put in. Even though it is a franchise business you will still have to do the work yourself, so be realistic about your targets and budgets. Also, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box whilst following the Razzamataz systems and guidelines the whole time.

What are the best things about running a franchise business?

Having a head office to phone is really valuable, especially in a case of an emergency. They also give you gentle reminders of things like renewing your insurance so you don’t feel so alone. We also get to benefit from many events like the AGM, which was really inspiring. We are all creative people in the franchise and the AGM was really informative but done in a relaxed way so we all felt we could ask lots of questions.

What’s your typical day like?

My school is on a Friday so I tend to deal with the register on Thursday and banking on Monday. I tend to focus on marketing two days a week and of course in between there are always lots of emails and phone calls to respond to.

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