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5th May 2017

What owning your own baby keepsake business really means…

The Keepsake Co asked some of the lovely ladies that have worked with them to build successful keepsake businesses to talk a little bit about what their business means to them. They’ve all came back with messages straight from the heart, a true honest account of what they didn’t realise before they started their own business and what it meant to be your own boss. Here’s what they shared:

Laura: Owner of Two Green Lane

"I didn’t realise how emotionally involved I would get with each order and how much I care that each one is perfect for the recipient. As a customer, I would have never considered sending a small company feedback when I received an order, but now as soon as someone receives their order I eagerly wait some feedback from them. On Christmas Day I was thinking about all the people who were opening something that I had made and felt really honoured that I had been chosen to make their Christmas present."

Natasha: Owner of Cheekies Treasures

"I didn’t realise how little I cared about working until I started my own business. Now, being able to work on my own terms is the most important thing in the world."

Leah: Owner of Ickle Pickle Prints

"I didn’t realise how hard it would be. It’s not something I would ever change and absolutely love what I do. But I think it’s easy to underestimate how much work goes into making a small business a success and the many different 'hats' you have to juggle. However, I would rather work this hard for myself any day over working for someone else on their terms."

Gemma: Owner of Lasting Touch

"I didn’t realise that it would become a complete way of life. My business and my family flow seamlessly together and never have to compete with each other. It’s true, the thing I hated most about having a job was when it clashed with school assemblies or kids being ill. I always felt like my job and my family were both competing for the same time slots. It’s not like that anymore, there’s time for both."

Anna: Owner of Butterfly Skies

"I didn’t realise just how much it would all mean, I knew I felt lucky and grateful, but just how deep this went. I didn’t realise how much friends and family would support me, and how much it would mean to make a keepsake and gift for people – how much I wanted it to be and look perfect for each customer. I didn’t realise how much the keepsake I had made would mean to people, and the happiness I would feel when I saw this. I didn’t realise how free I would feel too, what a gift that is."

Starting your own baby keepsake business is so rewarding and The Keepsake Co love to hear how starting a keepsake business has made so many of the ladies they work with so fulfilled.

If you want it more of a hobby with a little bit of income, that’s fine, it’s whatever works for you. Or you can launch your ideas as a fully fledged sole income business. Many of the people that The Keepsake Co work with have done a bit of both – they start off alongside regular employment and build it up over months or sometimes even longer at a speed that works for them, to then become solely self-employed and have their sole income from their business. Alongside having an income the other huge factor is spending time with family.

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