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Online Retail Business

Platinum Business Partners | Online Retail Business

 Platinum Business Partners | Online Retail Business

Join more than 100 other people who are currently taking advantage of the explosion of online shopping and selling 300+ uniquely branded products to 100,000 online customers globally

At Platinum Business Partners (PBP) their mission is to show you how to tap into the enormous and growing potential of online retail. It is estimated that 40% of worldwide internet users buy products online, and this figure is only set to grow.

The Platinum Business Partners Opportunity:

Platinum Business Partners have a proven method that you can follow to become one of the online retailers that these consumers buy from without having to manufacture, store or ship a single product yourself.

Following their step-by-step system for online retail success, you will be able to:

  • Source products that are already being mass-produced by manufacturers – Platinum Business Partners tell you what works and what doesn’t
  • Private label them with your own brands – and don’t worry, you don’t need to be a graphic designer
  • Sell your products via established ecommerce sites – such as Amazon and Shopify
  • Earn £2,000 to £4,000 per month net income – much more is possible, but they prefer to under promise and over deliver

All you physically need is a computer and internet connection. No other equipment is necessary.

The Training:

From day one, you will have access to systems, information, documents and practical support that will give you the basic skills to get started. Alongside this, you will have a dedicated mentor that will take you through the initial training, right through to the point when your first product is live and selling online.

Earning Potential:

This business does require a certain level of time to set up and an initial financial investment of £20,000, but the long-term benefit is that you can achieve a regular and significant income while working flexibly around your life. The more systemised your business becomes, the less time it will take to manage.

The flexible business model means that you can grow your business to a size that suits you and generate a level of income that you need and want to live your ideal lifestyle – and have the time to enjoy it.

Typically, the model is based on achieving an average 20% pre-tax profit in the long-term. Their core promise is that you can earn £2,000 to £4,000 per month net income (not turnover). Much more is possible and already being achieved, but they prefer to under promise and over deliver.

The Skills:

You don’t need to have specific ecommerce experience, but there are several transferrable skills that you may have acquired in your current or previous careers that will be useful. After all, building a successful online retail business involves dealing with manufacturers, supply chain management, marketing, customer service and international money transfers. So if any of your previous roles have involved one or more of those elements, you’ll be one step ahead.

Request a FREE Information Pack and Platinum Business Partners will send you the 7 steps to successfully build a profitable ecommerce business that they teach their Platinum Business Partners.

Become a Platinum Business Partner and achieve the lifestyle you want with time, money and location freedom. Click the button below now!

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What Our Franchisees Say

At the start I was sceptical because it just seemed too good to be true. But, once I started and got my first product live then I soon realised the power of the business model.

Charles Millar Platinum Business Partner

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