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Payrolls Direct Unique Selling Points (USPs)

15th November 2016

For any business to succeed, it has to have at least one unique selling point. Payrolls Direct has so many USPs!

A unique selling point (USP) is what makes any business stand out from the crowd.  For any business to succeed, it has to have at least one unique selling point. Payrolls Direct has so many USPs!

Their Unique Selling Points are:

  1. Employers and their employees have web access to their own control panels. Employees can update records in real time including time sheets, expense claims, holiday requests, notify sick days and much more. Employers can approve them in real time too! This makes Payrolls Direct different from all other payroll companies!

  2. Their Project & Task Management tools allow businesses to collaborate seamlessly with their employees, no matter where in the world they are! Digital collaboration can transform business productivity & improve staff moral!

  3. Their Event Management and employee shift scheduling software, with automatic email notifications - makes employee scheduling easier, regardless of size of workforce.

  4. Businesses get Free HR Documents, Policies and Templates library. Customers can customise and reuse sample HR policies, forms, letters, checklists and records documents. They can share them with their employees, and get them signed electronically!

  5. Secure Data - Most accountants and payroll service providers ask their clients to email or post them their payroll data. This is not secure & can be easily intercepted! The Payrolls Direct website has the highest possible encryption levels; 2048 bit signatures and 256 bit encryption provide full security for our customers.

  6. Their systems are cutting edge, simple to use, and cloud based. This means that employers and employees can access their records from any computer & do not need to download any software.

  7. Easy access to current AND historical records - Employers and Employees can access current and historical payroll records online, using any device connected to the internet.

  8. Save Businesses Time & Money. According to a recent FSB survey, many small & medium size businesses could benefit from cost savings and make their life easier by outsourcing their payroll requirements.

  9. Payroll experience not required. Franchisees do not need to do the payroll calculations as this work is done by HQ. Do the hard work once of acquiring a new client, and get paid over and over again.

  10. You will provide a local presence to local businesses. This is a strong selling point as currently very few payroll bureaus have a local presence & most rely on internet searches to find new clients.

  11. Kinder to the environment as all payroll work is done in the cloud, without wasting any paper. Employers and Employees can access their payslips without having to print, post or distribute them.

  12. Payrolls Direct plan on launching other accountancy related services in the future. You will benefit because you will be able to supply these services to your clients and increase your profits per client.

Payrolls Direct can help businesses become more efficient & manage their workforce better. Their cloud based platform is cutting edge and definitely superior to anything businesses are currently using.

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