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12th July 2011

Redundancy - it happens and sometimes it might be for the better. When you think all is lost – don’t give up!

Redundancy - it happens and sometimes it might be for the better. When you think all is lost – don’t give up! It could be your chance to make a complete change without too much hassle of learning a new skill. A career opportunity with OSCAR will open a whole new way of life.

Oscar Pet Foods FranchiseeWorking from home and delivering a quality pet food to a very satisfied customer gives you a great future that is supported by experts to the industry and a team that will ensure your progress. When Sharon Frith was made redundant and her husband, John, was on the edge of experiencing the same problem, OSCAR came to their rescue.

With redundancy looming we took the positive approach and, while thinking that it was now time for the independence of working for ourselves, Sharon was made redundant. She worked in IT for a business consultancy and my work in reprographics, another type of business affected by technology, was uncertain.

“To work with pets and pet owners was a dream and via the internet we found OSCAR who had submitted an excellent presentation of their franchise business opportunity. After researching more about franchising, reading as much literature as possible and talking to franchisees OSCAR was still our first choice. With a well-established franchisor, a sound product that offers repeat business, hours to suit our requirements and helpful support from the staff at Head Office we were more than happy with our decision.

“I held out for redundancy but it never came, so I eventually decided to resign because developing OSCAR was now the priority for Sharon and myself.

“It has been important for us to enjoy the change of lifestyle. As with any new business there is a risk and success is neither immediate nor guaranteed but with dedication and self-motivation you can do it all for yourself. Five years was a good landmark and by assessing progress frequently we were prepared for every eventuality. Believing that the best things in life are free and the personal touches that we can offer our customers is worth its weight in gold.

“Promoting OSCAR never stops, our van provides us with a brilliant advert on the road and with assistance from our wonderful pets, Kira and Rosie, who are shining examples of eating OSCAR food, we remain dedicated to our business.”

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Oscar Pet Foods Franchise

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BFA Membership Status
UK Years Established
20 years
Current UK Coverage
Franchisee Support Staff
Personal Investment Req.
Total Startup Cost
£20,000 approx
Home-based business location Home-based business location
Business to consumer services Business to consumer services
Franchisee operates individually Franchisee operates individually

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Van (contract hire) ready to drive away including full colour livery with reflective branding, rear display racking and deposit paid

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I had the desire to work for myself but wanted the reassurance of not going totally alone. I liked the OSCAR approach – taking every opportunity to speak with other franchisees before making my final decision.

Kim Stanier - Oscar Pet Foods - Birmingham

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